The Teacher Package gives teachers everything they need to start a comprehensive math training program for Elementary School children. The program will satisfy a significant percentage of the standard Common Core Requirements from K through 5th grades including a powerful mental calculation program. Access to your student learning data will transform the way you teach math with in depth insight to each student’s realtime learning progress. The more teachers that use the program in your school the more powerful the learning data insights will be. We understand the challenges of the 21st Century teacher and is a tool we believe will help you and your students achieve math proficiency. Please give a try and let us know how your math journey progresses.


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Access to Complete Training Content
Access to Downloadable Worksheets

Instructional Content
Mental Math Tools
Classroom Management
Students Statistics

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$99/year/classroom up to 25 students
(school pricing available upon request)
Included (teachers can have students work both online or offline by printing individual worksheets)
1 online classroom included with each license purchased
Teachers will have access to training data
only for students in their classroom

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