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    Master addition and subtraction in 6 simple steps each presented by a fun, engaging insect character starting with Master Beetle. Through our comprehensive Skill Training program, students are self-motivated to learn more with immediate incremental math success. Read More
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Mental Calculations

In parallel with our abacus math program is a comprehensive mental calculation program. As students develop their math skills, they equally advance their mental calculation capabilities thru our unique Anzan, Flash and Audio modules. Mental math is no longer a mix of math tricks with limited use, but a completely structured step-by-step training program. Learn to process numbers visually to gain incredible calculation speed and accuracy!

Math Facts

Memorize single digit number facts using our dynamic learning tool. Many research studies have shown the link between higher level math success and the rapid recall of the basic number facts from memory. The RightLobeMath Facts Training program coaches for memory recall in addition, subtraction, division and multiplication by measuring the response time and accuracy of each student answer. You must learn your facts!

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Minute by minute, achieving incremental successes, our students are going places - maybe even Mars!



With math, the future is bright and filled with possibilities. With more practice, Mars is just the beginning!

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  • RightLobeMath.com provides comprehensive incremental math learning content decomposing our base 10 system for foundational understanding Read More
  • Watchlists are a fun way for students to share their achievements and compete with their friends while being motivated to reach for higher goals Read More
  • Students are in control knowing where they are in their math journey. Students can train, retrain anytime with easy to follow videos and training tools Read More
  • RightLobeMath.com has developed a uniquely structured mental calculation program utilizing a multi-sensory approach of touch, sight, and sound Read More
  • Our content is not only dynamically generated but we guarantee content consistency by ensuring every quiz difficultly level is exactly equivalent Read More
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