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Generate the Fibonacci Sequence on Your Abacus!

​Can you calculate the 40th term of the famous Fibonacci Sequence? You must be Level 10 or higher to take on the Fibonacci challenge.
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Practice Every Soroban Bead Movement in One Exercise - The Nine Times Challenge

​This challenge requires a Level 10 or higher skill because all the Skill Training bead mechanics are needed to do this exercise. This is a great way to practice all your soroban skills in a single exercise.
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An Effective Mental Math Training Tool - The Paper Abacus or Kami Soroban

pdf File Name: kamisoroban.pdf File Size: 64 kb Download File ​This is an introduction to mental math using the Kami Soroban or paper Soroban. One of the main objectives of our Soroban training is to elimi...
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Build Your Calculation Speed on the Abacus Using 10 Pair Complements

pdf File Name: 10Pairs.pdf File Size: 60 kb Download File The main method of addition and subtraction on the abacus is understanding and using the 5 complement pairs of 10, i.e. pairs of numbers that ...
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Soroban Introduction Counting 0 to 9

​This video covers the basic construction of the Soroban, usage, and introduction to counting showing the numbers 0 to 9.
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