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Here we will try to answer the most frequently asked questions about abacus math, abacus training, facts learning, and mental calculation training. Although there are several types of abaci, we will focus primarily on the Japanese abacus called a soroban. The soroban is ideal for teaching base 10 math.

How to multiply on an abacus?

Since multiplication is repeated addition, any multiplication problem can be solved on an abacus. To perform multiplication on an abacus, students must first memorize the basic single digit multiplication facts through 9x9. Abacus users first set up their multiplication problem on the abacus by choosing a reference rod and counting rods t...
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How many beads are there on an abacus?

The answer to this question is it depends on the type of abacus you are considering. The Japanese version of the abacus, called a Soroban, has 5 beads per rod. Each rod of the Soroban can represent a digit from 0 to 9 making it ideal for our modern base 10 system. The Chinese version of the abacus, called a Suan Pan, has 7 beads per rod. Each ...
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How is the abacus used today?

​The Japanese in the 1930s truly modernized the ancient abacus by reducing the number of beads per rod to 5, called the Soroban. The soroban is a modern base 10 counting device. But the Japanese also recognized the modern soroban is an excellent teaching tool for early math learners. Students learn basic numeracy and complex arithmetic all usi...
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What is RightLobeMath?

​RightLobeMath is an online early math education program for students from pre-k through 6th grade. The program uses modern abacus techniques to teach students every thing from number recognition and basic numeracy to advance arithmetic. The RightLobeMath program also provides a comprehensive mental calculation training program that is integrated i...
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What is an online abacus math program?

The rightlobemath online abacus math program is a comprehensive self-guided, self-paced early math program. Students, pre-K to 6th grade, advance through a multi-level math program starting with basic numeracy, simple addition and subtraction, through to advanced large number multiplication and division including decimals and negative numbers....
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