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Online Abacus Math and the Foundations of Basic Numeracy

​The RightLobeMath.com online math program for K-8 mathematics provides a deep foundational understanding of our base 10 numbering system. Our mathematics Skill Training Program guides students step-by-step through the principles of numbers and arithmetic. The abacus, especially the Japanese version the Soroban, is an ideal tool for teaching studen...
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The Japanese Soroban and the Number 5?

​5 is the number of human beings. We have a relationship with the number 5 unlike any other number. The number 5 is all around us. Consider the human hands both with 5 fingers.​Leonardo de Vinci's the Vitruvian Man of 1490 showing man as the number 5 since man has 1 head and 4 limbs.​Or how humans have 5 senses as portrayed in Pietro Paulini's Alle...
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Mental Math, We All Need It But How To Teach It?

​We all remember our teachers asking us to do math calculations in our head but not knowing really how to do it? Teachers offered us various mental tricks and strategies but it always posed the additional question which strategy to chose. Faced with each problem we had to decide on a strategy without any way of knowing if the strategy chosen was th...
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The Abacus - A Math Manipulative Students Will Use for Life!

​In today's age of digital technology, the internet with lot's of online education and learning tools it can be easy to over look the power and simplicity of the very old, analog way of learning. Sometimes the "wisdom" of the old ways are still the best teaching solutions. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to capture this wisdom over thousands of y...
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Computer Based Abacus Math Training Takes a Multi-Sensory Approach to Efficient Learning

When we think about learning and learning efficiency we must consider how the brain receives information from the outside world. Most learning information we receive comes to us through our senses. We also know that the more different ways we can experience learning the deeper the learning experience. So what if we thought about learning mathematic...
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