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Aging, Alzheimer's and The Abacus

We know as our bodies age so too will our brains. Just as it is important to keep our bodies in good physical condition we also need to keep our minds active and our brains learning throughout life.We mostly associate the loss of memory and decreased brain function with age. But research has shown the process of our brains aging can begin decades e...
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What are the benefits of abacus math training?

​The abacus is hands down the best math manipulative ever invented. It is the most effective and efficient method for teaching early math learners our base 10 system, basic numeracy and number sense, all arithmetic operations, and a comprehensive approach to mental calculation. As a result of using the abacus there are many other student benefits s...
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Math More Than Reading Is the Best Predictor of Future Academic Achievement

​You might, as I did, find this article surprising if you have a young learner just about to enter kindergarten. According to research conducted by a group of university professors called "School Readiness and Later Achievement", math skills entering kindergarten are the best predictor of future academic success more so than reading skills, attenti...
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Why Is Asia Consistently Top of Early Math Education?

​When it comes to early math education learning basic numeracy and developing a sense of numbers, Asian children consistently outperform their peers in the West. Many have looked into the intricacies of early math education in countries like China, Japan, and Korea. Without getting too deep into the research, let's look at a few simple contrasting ...
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Thoughts and Tips for Effective Mental Calculation Training

​To develop strong mental calculation skills, i.e. mental math, we first need to learn the required bead movements on the soroban. The entire concept of mental calculation is based on the knowledge of the soroban bead movements needed to solve the problem. But knowing how to move the beads to solve a problem is not enough for fast and accurate...
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