RightLobeMath.com is a comprehensive abacus math program complete with step by step abacus/soroban(そろばん) training through Level 1 (1級) and an extensive mental training program paralleling the abacus/soroban(そろばん) program including anzan(見取り暗算、かけ暗算、わり暗算), flash anzan, and flash audibles(読み上げ算). Subscribe to access this powerful math program by selecting one of the plan options below. You will practice and advance through the self-guided program at your own pace using simple instructional videos and training software to confidently build your math skills. Choose a plan and get started today!

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Please note: our program is currently optimized for the non-mobile Chrome and Safari browsers. You will need an abacus to advance thru the program. If you don't already have it, you will have an option to purchase one on the checkout page. Users outside the U.S. will need to purchase a soroban from an online retailer.